High End Doorbell Systems for your Smart Home

Build a truly modern and smart Doorbell System that rivals the Closed Source and Walled Garden Systems of large Manufactures

$> git clone git@github.com:exddc/virtualchime.git

Smart Doorbell

What is Virtual Chime?

Virtual Chime is an Open Source Doorbell System built for the Raspberry Pi and self-hosting in mind.

Modern Setup

Easy installation and retrofitting due to a fully wifi enabled system. All your entrances are secure, no matter how remote they are. The only requirements are power and a wifi signal.

Under your control

The fully Open Source system allows you to control your doorbell system in any way you want. No more restrictions by the manufacturer. You can even host the system on your own local server.

App or Integration

The Virtual Chime App offers the optimal solution to control your doorbell. Additionally, you can seamlessly integrate your doorbell system with Google Home or Apple Home, allowing you to use it unrestricted.

Elegance and Intelligence united

Virtual Chime wants to connect the design of a high-end doorbells with the freedom of a self-hosted system. It offers a high-quality app, seamless integration with other Smart Home systems, and a look that impresses at first glance.

Smart Doorbell

Want to help?

All of the Virtual Chime software and hardware is Open Source. If you want to implement your own ideas and features in the system, you can do so by contributing to the project.

Stay updated

You can follow the development of Virtual Chime on Github, our blog or on X.